Hello and welcome to our site. In recent years, polarization, ideological possession, bi-partisan biases, and an individual movement to abandon reason has led the United States of America down a dark and violent path. These shifts in who we are as Americans has created more issues than solutions. It is a threat to the fabric of our society.

This blog seeks to call people out of this ideation. We believe that the classic American approach to dialog is key to the success of our society. The founders our this nation were correct — a culture in which freedom to share all ideas is the best mechanism by which a country converges to truths and governs its people well.

With that in mind, this blog is for those who have removed their blinders of partisan right and wrong. These articles are for men and women that are seeking truth, true diversity of opinion, and honest non-partisan dialog around major topics of today.

Thank you for visiting and happy truth hunting.